Monday, February 15, 2016

How To Create Your Own Transparent Photo Planner Dashboard Using Your Own Photos

It's so easy to create your own transparent planner dashboard using your own photo! I created this one for my planner with a photo of roses from a Valentine's Day bouquet my husband gave me.

 I simply took a photo of the flowers and printed it on a transparency

 I put the transparency into a laminating folder and ran it through my Scotch Laminating machine.

I trimmed the laminated photo to fit my Happy Planner and used my Happy Planner punch to punch holes into the dashboard and added it to my Happy Planner.

I love how this project turned out! I would love to see the dashboard you make, tag me on Instagram @DIYPlannerGirls

xoxo, Tammy


  1. Where can I buy the transparency?

    1. Hobby Lobby sells them over by the scrapbook paper :)

  2. I love this! Did you use a lower temp for the laminating? 3 mil or5 mil? Thanks!